About Us

Revealing Sons is an  ecosystem designed to help believers grow in Christ-centered Identity Formation and  Wholeness. Within our Revealing Sons  ecosystem we develop digital discipleship content, produce resources, and create paraphernalia that express our message.  We are delighted to partner with God to improve the world by impacting the identity of His people.


We provide thought provoking content to help you understand the ideals of sonship and to grow in wholeness and Christ-centered identity formation. Click Read to view our Content.


Take a look at our heart-felt web shows that intended to serve as interactive extensions of our brand and resources to partner with you in growth. Click Watch to see our web series.


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From the Creator

Cheray James

Grace & Peace to you!  My prayer is that Revealing Sons becomes an ecosystem that fuels and resources your life as you grow into who God has destined you to be. Daily, the Revealing Sons team is seeking God to learn creative ways to present the things that are on His Heart and Mind that will edify and empower you. As a creative and scribe, my heart is wired to ensure that you really understand and experience God’s heart for your wholeness. The content that is produced here grows regularly and so I pray that you interact as often as you desire. I’m excited about your growth and I can’t wait for the  world to experiencing your revealing.

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