Man is always at war within himself. Many would say that it’s the depravity of man that causes this. But it’s easy to find that even redeemed and reformed men and women often struggle and wrestle to stay connected to the thing they say they believe.

Sure we can just go immediately to the sin nature of man. However, there is a deeper and more pinpoint issue.  Most every misstep that we make can be connected to what we really know about God and the fears that come from that.

We know that God is Love. The opposite of love isn’t hate , it’s fear. A well-loved person is secure. But when a person has unanswered questions about love or the person extending it, they tend to be more insecure. Insecurity is a form of fear. If we aren’t completely convinced about God’s Love, we question…

  • If he will really heal us
  • If he really has a destiny planned for us
  • If he really has a safe and loving person for us to be with
  • if he really will provide for us

These questions keep us out of faith. These questions lead to fear. We start trying to do what we think he won’t do. We do it our way and sometimes we will go about it with a “by any means” approach. Of course, this puts us into sin.

Fear is the culprit for many of the fallen times of our lives. The absolution for fear is really receiving God’s love as Father.