WHOLE |Closing the Soul Holes

Our Last Conversation was about being seduction-proof. We ended that conversation beginning to uncover what made Jesus successful at facing temptation without falling into seduction. This week we want to continue in that lane.

The showdown that Jesus had with the devil in the wilderness was masterful if I can say so myself.  That is simply amazing to recount. We know that the scripture iterates and reiterates the humanity of Jesus. He had no exemption. As a man, he was born in poverty following a salacious scandal (with Mary being a pregnant virgin preparing to marry). He had to escaped death as a toddler.  He was raised in the hood. (Nazareth was the ghetto of that area.) He dealt with rejection and scrutiny.  “He was at ALL POINTS TEMPTED” is a very weighty truth. Jesus went through as much as we could imagine any little brown boy would endure today.

So How did he manage to escape the lure of temptation  and seduction? There are a few things that led to this strength: Jesus had disciplined his cravings, Jesus had nothing to prove, Jesus had no holes in his souls.

Jesus Disciplines His Cravings

 The first thing we need to understand is that our carnal cravings come from a place of lack in our souls. I’m not talking about biological factors. However, when our cravings come and are at war with God’s plan for our lives and we have a hard time resisting, it’s identifying a deficiency in the soul. Jesus had already come to a place where he focused himself to only desire what was congruent with his purpose. The disciples, once, attempted to get Jesus to eat and he told them “I have food you know not of.” He told them that his meat was to do the will of the Father. If we don’t manage our cravings in this way, it’s easy for someone to come in right when you experience a low time. How do you behave when you haven’t eaten, haven’t slept, haven’t had sex for a certain amount of time? Can you be this focused? Are you this decided already?  Most of us aren’t able to endure and focus because it’s not just about filling a craving. We are often dealing with overcompensating for an emptiness we feel in our souls. 

Jesus Had Nothing to Prove

Jesus had already come to understand why he was here at age 12. Honestly, there were so many moments Jesus could have shown off just how much GOD he was. Many people tried him. Even at times when he was doing something miraculous, he would often tell the recipient to keep it to themselves. Jesus could have gotten angry with the devil and let pride move him into trying to prove himself. Jesus could have called angels down to avenge him when he endured the horrible abuse before and during the cross. Again, he was secure in who he was. Many of us suffer with feeling insignificant so much that we feel like we have to prove that we are something to people. We are grandiose with our purchases. We are ridiculous with our need for titles and attention. We always have to keep it REAL and give people a piece of our mind. We do all of that and end up seduced at the slightest gesture of approval, acceptance, or applause. Again, this isn’t just about having to prove something, it points to the holes in our souls.

Jesus Had No Soul Holes

Jesus endured the pain of his life in communion with the Father. Every disappointment, frustration, or anxiety that Jesus had he worked it out by letting the Father affirm him. He let nothing penetrate his soul in a way that left open holes. We know this because Jesus told his disciples that the prince of this world found nothing in him and he would be moving on to the next thing. See, when you have holes, you always are trying to fill it. Holes depict deficiencies. When we have deficiencies we crave things that are not necessarily good for us. (For example, you may crave chocolate when you actually need magnesium.)  These kinds of things can temporarily satisfy but cannot make you whole.   Your wholeness can only be accomplished by engaging the one who made you.

We are made of his substance. Without him, we are subject to letting the happenings of life penetrate our souls. This leads to being seduced.  We must let Abba Father make us whole and close the holes!