Unseduced | Overcoming the Power of Seduction


Now, let me be clear!! Seduction isn’t exclusively about sex! According to Google: It’s the ability to attract someone into a course of actions that are inadvisable. In this case, actions that cause them to forgo purpose and destiny!

You will not be able to avoid temptation. It’s the inheritance of every image-bearer. ( Mature sons of God bear the image of God in nature and in character as in any child and father connection.) There is a sure-fire conspiracy to pull you away from your ultimate duty: To Destroy the Works of the Devil!

I can’t say that I blame the devil. If I can keep my opponent from destroying my progress by temptation and seduction, it’s a tactic worth employing. Now although I can’t blame, I certainly plan to beat him.

The moment you partner with heaven to fulfill your ultimate purpose, you are a target for temptation and seduction. Once your “YES” is announced in the heavenly realm, God comes for your “YES” and the devil comes after it!

Strategic Plans of Satan

The only tactic that the devil has is to find your weakness. What’s your weakness? The thing that entices or intrigues you outside of the boundary of God for YOUR destiny. (It’s important to emphasize that boundaries vary based upon destiny design. What you are designed to do and who you will influence has a direct correlation with your boundaries set for you by God. There are universal boundaries for all sons. The specificity comes with the uniqueness of your design.) Anyway, the thing that entices you outside of the boundary of God is your weakness. Satan’s job is to find that thing and exploit it. Your weakness will always be connected to a thing you internally crave in some way.

How do I know this? The scripture says we are drawn away by our own lust. (See James 1:4) The devil can not seduce you with things that strike no chords on your heartstrings. He has no ground without a weakness to exploit.

Locating Lusts

We know that he isn’t omniscient or omnipresent. So, how does he get this information? He studies. He is patient. He is strategic. He knows his margin isn’t that wide so he has to be accurate. Accuracy requires patience.

Take, for instance, the story of Adam and Eve. The devil was present for all of the creation of the garden and all of the instructions that God gave them. He watched and waited. He watched the activity going in and out of Heaven. He watched God come down and walk with them daily. He waited for an opening. He waited to find a weakness or an area of temptation. Without it, he had no ability to seduce.

The narrative of Genesis 3 pretty familiar. (Go check it out if you have never read it.) The devil, in the form of a serpent, comes to have a conversation with the woman. His conversation wasn’t to simply plant doubt or ideas but to locate lust or, in other words, find the weakness to exploit.  In finding the lust, he knows what you are tempted by. Knowing what you are tempted by gives him the power to seduce you.  This conversation was to push a longer consideration for what was already a temptation. Giving consideration to a temptation over time will transform into seduction.  (This is why you must be watchful about the conversations you are having regularly and with whom you are sharing these things with.) Seduction of this kind is satanic/demonic and can be very subtle. Satan’s main objective is to pull you out of the boundary of God to cause you to forfeit your destiny and purpose.


We have to keep in mind that the only boundary they had in the garden was that ONE tree. Truth be told, we don’t know if that boundary was an eternal boundary. It could have been conditional or for a time. However, lust and seduction never allow us to be patient.

Why does our lust always pull us toward a place outside of the boundaries of God? Why are we so discontented with what we have? Why are we so insatiable? Why do we have such a hard time finding value in what we already have? ( Just questions to ponder on…)

Dangerous Desires

Using my Holy Ghost imagination, I can visualize days where the woman passed that tree and gazed upon it in desire many times. We employ this idea from the fact that she was drawn away too easily for it to be a passing idea that she never gave thought to.  

 Actually, the scripture says in verse 6 (after the serpent comes to ask a question)

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

Her desire was the highlight. The devil knew that there was a weakness or a craving that could be exploited. He simply could offer some perspective and he knew he could use her temptation to do the rest of the work.  And although it is not explicitly said, Adam had the same desire. How do I say that? He was there in this whole exchange. He also was there and given the boundaries and assignments from God. Not one time do we see the scripture mention Adam’s resistance. He willingly ate with her.

He, too, had his internal lust located and was able to be seduced. Most sons end up falling prey to seduction just like Adam.

It is dangerous to let the details of your untempered cravings be in the hands of your enemy. He will always attempt to set it as a lure for us. We end up giving in to our cravings to satisfy an empty longing. Instead of “consuming” it in pleasure, it consumes us in some form.

This is a tragedy but there is a beautiful turn of events. There GOOD NEWS to consider!

The Second Adam

The good news is: there’s was a second Adam: Jesus! He actually taught us how to overcome the power of seduction. He gave us the blueprint of how to be unseduced sons!

Notice I did not say He avoided temptation!! As I said, EVERY SON WILL FACE TEMPTATION. Hebrews 4:15 says, ” For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.”

We have a record of Jesus’ greatest temptation. If there was ever a time to exploit Jesus and overcome Him with seduction, it would have been In Matthew Chapter 4. In this narrative, we see that the Holy Spirit of God took Jesus to the desert. The same Spirit that placed Adam and Eve in the garden. God was not taken aback by the temptation in either scenario. The only difference in these scenarios was the devil’s ability to seduce. 


Adam and Eve were in a fruitful place with access to God’s best and still somehow not have fulfillment which leads to lust, temptation, and then ultimately seduction. Jesus was in the desert, a lonely and unfruitful place, and also fasting.  He was in the most vulnerable position and even still he had a resolve that He needed nothing that was outside of the boundary of God.

In the narrative of Chapter 4, Satan tries to locate lust in every major domain of human need. (Physiological,  Belonging, & Esteem) At each turn, Jesus proved that he was not longing for any of these things in a way that would have him seduced. He had settled in his heart that what God, The Father had set for him was enough. He was satisfied in his soul.  Mature sons of God will have their souls satisfied within the boundary of God and through the means in which God would authorize.  This posture makes it impossible to be seduced. Lust is extinguished because there are no holes in the soul. Whole Souls are satisfied.  (To be Continued…)