“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  Luke 2:52

In our journey of sonship, growth is required and if done right–inevitable. However, for the sons of God, the dimensions of growth are specific.

If we simply look at human anatomy, we don’t appreciate all growth. All growth is not created equally.  The moment the waist area has some increase, everyone is uncomfortable. As sons, growth is best when it is within specific dimensions. 

We model our growth after that of our Elder Brother, Jesus. He modeled for us how to mature in our journey as sons. The bible says that Jesus’ maturity showed up in three dimensions: Wisdom, Stature, and Favor.

Wisdom (Depth)

Most people believe that as you progress in age, the more experiences you have. The more experiences you have, the more wisdom you obtain. However, the truth is, there are a lot of old fools. Many people repeat bad choices and habits over and over until they expire. They don’t even listen or take heed from the people that go before them.

As sons of God, our growth is marked by our ability to draw from experiences and those who come before us. Additionally, we don’t just rely on the wisdom of man–because even that has limitations. We yield to the wisdom of God which is conferred unto through his Holy Spirit.

Wisdom allows for the creation of solutions and navigation through challenges. Wisdom deals with the capacity of a person.  Wisdom deals with the depth of a person. A person of great wisdom has the ability to manage and maintain lots of doors, opportunities people, and projects. A person of wisdom also can determine what they should turn away from. They manage their own capacity well. When a son is measured for growth, the dimension of wisdom is assessed.

Stature (Height)

When this scripture talked about the dimensions of Jesus’ growth, stature was the next. On a natural level, the bible was referring to Jesus’s height and frame. However, stature also deals with your reach. Jesus’ stature dealt with his reputation and status within his realms of influence.

A person grows in height (stature) by the steady and consistent growth and moving of bones, tissue, and nerves in tandem. There are seasons where growth may be more explosive than others. There is a time where you reach your appointed  and predetermined height. It is a waste of energy and time to envy another person’s stature.

As a son of God, there is a certain height you are expected to reach for your specific purpose. In the natural, taller people have a longer wingspan and therefore a longer reach. There are specific pros and cons of being really tall and being really short. The height that you are esteemed also determines how far your reach is. Our reach is not determined by desire. It is determined by destiny. 

There is no coincidence that stature is measured after wisdom. Character and internal composition should always be mastered before you have public visibility or height. We see what happens to people who are famous before they have been developed in character.

How you handle the dimension of your height/visibility  and reach/reputation determines your maturity.

Favor (Length)

We see that when Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, he also grew in favor. He did not just grow in favor with God, but also the favor with people increased as well.

It is my belief that you do not need favor if you are not doing what God has designed you to do. You do not need to things be made easier for you when you going in the wrong direction. Shallow fools don’t need favor. Self absorb narcissist won’t attract favor.

Favor deals with extension. First it is the extension of kindness from the giver. It is the opening up of resources to make a journey easier. It is for the purposes of giving relief. Favor is about length, because it extends the recipients strengths and abilities further in what direction they need to go in. 

Having favor with God and man makes the extension unending. Every direction you turn, it is easier to move in the direction you are called toward. The mature will see that they will increase in the dimension of favor.  When they show up places, their is already a way that is made for them to move through with ease.  A mature son will have favor opened up to them.


Sons are measured and this is how we know if and how they are growing in maturity. It is telling  what happened right before this assessment was made about Jesus’ growth. There was a specific environment used to help Jesus reached this maturity. In verse 51, the scripture says that ” he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them.”

Obedience allows for a consistent repetition of actions. With that discipline, you have the ability to measure. A son is measured because they have consistent governance and expectations that lead them to who they are becoming.  This constant is the measuring tape. Measuring tape can’t change because dimensions do.

If you want to truly evaluate your dimensions, put yourself under subjection to have to be obedient to a people, a place, or a discipline.

Sons grow in specific dimensions- Wisdom, Stature, & Favor. When is the last time you’ve been measured? #RevealingSons