The Diet of Sons

The Importance of the Diet

As reborn sons of God, it is important that we grow into maturity. Just like our natural lives require a certain kind of diet to maintain optimal health and growth, so does our spiritual life.

Diet Requires Discipline

One of the most major transitions that we have to grow through when attempting to transition from one lifestyle to another is training our appetites. We have to recondition ourselves in the area of preference and craving.

Honestly, our positive changes may not even start off as a matter of preference. There is a time in the adjusting of our diets when our eating habits are solely based on discipline. The success in this time is a matter of mental fortitude and preparation.

Consistency Over Cravings

The most difficult time to maintain consistency with that discipline is when your life is disrupted in any way. Old cravings tend to be the thing of comfort that will show up when we are in the seasons of our greatest opportunity for growth–the wilderness. What we crave or choose to eat in the wilderness will determine our ability to mature and progress into the next levels in God.

There are two times in the scripture where we see the Son of God in the wilderness having diet challenges.

The Decision of Diet

The first time we see this is with the children of Israel.  Israel was a prophetic shadow of the Son of God. I say that they are a prophetic shadow for Jesus to come because, in the eleventh chapter, Hosea says, ‘When Israel was a youth I loved him, And out of Egypt I called My son.” Later Jesus states that he is the fulfillment of that scripture in the book of Matthew. 

In the eleventh chapter of Numbers, the scriptures say that because of the Egyptians that made camp with the Israelites, they begin to complain about not having fish, cucumbers, melons, and garlic that they were accustomed to having. They were tired of the discipline that was required to eat the food provided.

The next time we see this is with the mature SON of GOD. In the fourth Chapter of Matthew, the devil came to tempt Jesus when he was in a vulnerable state asking him to turn the stones into bread. Jesus replied saying, Man shall not live on bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of God. 

In both of these cases, we can see that there a level of focus, concentration, and discipline required to eat according to what God provides.

The Failed Diet

Israel being the incomplete picture of sonship, could not handle the weight of the diet required. They wanted things of the flesh. They wanted what was carnal and familiar. Another important piece to note was that the complaint rose up first from the Egyptians. It’s very hard to develop the discipline of a proper diet in the company of those who have no regard for growth. Some seasons, you will have to eat alone. You will have to personally develop your appetite for the things specific to you.  As a result of the initial complaint, God’s anger was kindled toward them. He gave them what they desired but the scripture says they ended up burying the people who had the craving.  The truth is, as sons, we either master our cravings or be overcome by them. 

The Perfected Diet

When we look back at how Jesus handled the diet in the wilderness, he did not answer any carnal craving. He set his appetite on that which came from the mouth of God. He was able to hold on to the discipline, even when tempted.  Jesus also did not eat until the angels came to minister to him.  Sons are focused and eat only the food given to them by God.  We even get to see how Jesus managed this discipline when not in solitude. In John 4, the disciples attempt to encourage Jesus to eat. Jesus rebuked them saying that He had food they knew nothing about. His food was to the will of God that sent him.   In this, Jesus also show us that people can mean well and offer us their food but ultimately we have to be focused on consuming only that which is prepared for us.

My question to you is, what are you eating? Is it time to shift your Diet? #RevealingSons