What I have come to know is that EVERY word that God spoke must become flesh!  Just as Jesus was the first WORD that became flesh– all “sons” of God were WORDS spoken before the foundations of the world and have the assignment of becoming flesh. To “become flesh” means to become fully realized or revealed in a material way.  There are certain requirements for becoming flesh:  SEED, TIME,  ENVIRONMENT,  BIRTHING,  & MATURITY. Let us discuss them en bref.


Nothing can become flesh without a seed or genesis. In this case, the seed is the WORD. God spoke concerning JESUS and then the HOLY SPIRIT came upon a womb and planted HIM through prophecy and impartation. We, too, begin our process in the same way.  God spoke concerning us and the Holy Spirit working through a messenger brings us the word of the Lord and the Holy Spirit fills us with the seed of sonship acting as the SPIRIT OF ADOPTION.  


However, before the seed was planted, there was time. There was a time frame between when the SON of GOD was being prophesied and when the SON of GOD was revealed. Just like Jesus, there also is a window of time for the sons of GOD to be fully revealed. That lag is what has the whole earth groaning waiting for the sons of God to be REVEALED. There is a time frame where we are oblivious to our call to be sons–in fact, there is a time where we are oblivious to God altogether.  But as the manifestation gets closer, our lives get bombarded with announcements and messages that bring us into understanding.


In the story of Jesus, there had to be a person with a womb to bring the revelation of the SON of GOD into incarnation. In the same manner, there also has to be “wombs” created to incubate sons until they are brought into incarnation. Wombs are environments created to incubate a person through the most essential stages of development. The womb allows the person to develop all of the basic systems needed to live in the place they are being prepared for.  God selects people to become and build wombs just as he selected Mary.  Those who are selected have great responsibility to bring the seed to a specific level of maturation. The womb is vital because it is a controlled environment conducive to essential care and protection for the premature. (Prematurity and Immaturity are very different stages in the process.) God is concerned about the conditions of our environment when His Word is developing to cross over into incarnation. He is watching over it all. 


Where, When and How a person crosses over to incarnation are also very important. It should be divinely orchestrated. God gives just as much attention to these areas as he does to WHAT He spoke. The bible says that He watches over His word to perform it.  He never announces a thing and leaves it unattended.  Jesus being incarnated through the circumstances to include: His parents, the social climate, the location, and all of that was by design. All of those things eventually spoke to what he was purposed to do and ultimately it authenticated Him as the WORD of GOD made flesh. One change to that meant that GOD would have allowed someone or something to edit what He Spoke. He is ultimately only responsible for HIS WORD- not edits or insertions that are made by someone else. Likewise, we also have divine designations for the when, where, how, and who of our incarnation process.


As I said, Jesus, the SON of GOD was the WORD made flesh. But being born wasn’t what made him fully realized. Once we are born again, we go from prematurity to immaturity.  This is why there is a process of maturity that is required for us to be fully revealed. Our maturity or growth is increased by our diet and habits. Teaching and training move the WORD from  INCARNATION to MATURATION. Teaching and training are nutrients we consume for growth. The quality and consistency of what we eat determines our strength, depth, and height (or favor, wisdom, and stature). Teaching and training are also how the atmosphere was prepared for the SON of GOD to come into the fullness of who He was.  (The scripture says that Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and favor.)  We see Jesus from a boy giving himself over to learning. He would sit and soak up the wisdom of the Elders. He spent time getting to know what was spoken about HIM.  He also spent time hosting the presence of GOD-the Father. This was a regular and major discipline of His. This is how he was readied to be everything that God spoke from the beginning. Everything that Jesus did after being incarnated lent to being matured.  And as we see Jesus reach the age of maturity *, this is when who He was and what he came to do on Earth was fully realized.

In this same manner, when we are matured, (that may not literally be 30) that is truly when we are WORDS made flesh and the sons of God can be revealed.  Now is the time to assess where you in are in the requirements. YOU ARE A WORD OF GOD.. ARE YOU READY to be made FLESH. #RevealingSons 

(*In Hebrew culture, 30 was a significant age of maturity-specifically for a man. They were trained in the law, prophets, and oral history of the day. They were expected to have their affairs in order. This also was the age that they would traditionally take a wife.)