Heading Into the New Year

Many Thanks

First, I would like to thank God for the grace he has given to us at Revealing Sons, LLC. to carry the message of sonship and the ministry of reconciliation and identity-shaping for this generation through a creative business. This has been a pretty great start to a vision that has been growing over a lifetime. I thank you for allowing us to serve you through this medium. We endeavor to inundate you with the heart and mind of God concerning the destiny of man through multiple platforms and streams of creativity.   

I look forward to all of the things that we will be able to do in 2019 to resource the global Body of Christ, to partner with the household of faith within our local region, and to minister to the niche group of people we are called to in this generation. We will do this by staying committed to our mission, message, and overall strategy.

I want to thank every collaborator, partner, investor, and donor in advance for your support in the upcoming year. I thank you for you obedience to God and your willingness to sow into a vision that is not your own. I am grateful that you see value in what God is doing with this company.

I also want to celebrate in advance for the expansion of our team with gifted professionals who have God’s heart for this generation and the desire to see it expressed through their lives and skill sets.

Prophetically Speaking

Having said all of that, for my reading audience, I want to take a prophetic turn. Traditionally, the content here is more didactic in nature, but I want to also speak through revelation and wisdom. As we march onward into the new year, I want to encourage some of you with what I heard yesterday.

While in conversation with another sister in the faith, I heard clearly in my spirit, ” This is the year that I will redeem your yes’s.” For every yes that was given to God, it costs something to you. For every act of obedience, submission, sacrifice, and repentance heaven assessed a value. In my spirit, I heard that this season we will see the yes yield favor and treasure. God is going to begin to pour it out. That will be just the beginning and even that will be mind-blowing.

I heard a prophet also say that this is the year that the Lord will PERFECT ALL THAT CONCERNS YOU. 

I recognize that this word is not for everyone but it is for some. I want to encourage everyone to lean into the Lord with all of your heart. There are lots of reasons to be “tired of [this] church” but the Lord will always revive His bride. He is removing spots, blemishes, and wrinkles as we speak.

Have a sober heart this year and don’t let the heartache and hopelessness of the previous year and other seasons have your confession and conversation this year. Declare the word of the Lord over every endeavor and idea that has been planted in your heart by the spirit of God. Wrestle your doubts and frustration with prophetic declarations. Be sure to revisit and pray over prophetic words that have not yet been fully manifested.

Grace and Peace to all of you as we press into a very prosperous, productive, and record-breaking year!  -Cheray