We believe that God’s greatest desire is to replicate himself in the earth by reproducing SONS. We use the word “son” as an identifier of relationship to GOD THE FATHER and not gender. We ultimately all are HIDDEN in THE SON: CHRIST JESUS. God’s answer to the world was always producing a Son.  We call him Jesus. Jesus was not just THE REDEEMER and RECONCILER of the world, but He was the model for how we are to interact with and relate to our God & Heavenly Father.  He is called the firstborn among many brethren. The Scripture says,

But as many as received [Jesus], to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. -John 1:12

We believe that everything that God wants to accomplish in the earth, He wants to accomplish through his sons. Ultimately, the scripture says,

For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. -Romans 8:19

We want as many people in the planet to come alive to this reality. After redemption and reconciliation to God through the blood of Christ, should come the awakening to sonship identity and responsibility.

Everything that we do and manage, to include our :

  • Spiritual Identity
  • Cultural Identity
  • Status-Based Identity (Socioeconomic)
  • Gender Identity
  • Social Identity
  • Sexual Identity

should be filtered through who we are in relationship to THE MOST HIGH GOD first!!

All that we (Revealing Sons) do is centered around people getting this messaging and gaining a deeper connection to God’s perspective about the areas above.

Our Slogan

The Whole Earth Awaits Your Revealing… 

It is a reminder and even the calling out to the hearts of men and women to remember they have a purpose and unique design that the world has need of. God did not just put them on the planet with no plan in mind. For all of us, being born was not God’s first interaction with us. He foresaw problems and thusly premeditated solutions. The solutions were our creation and then incarnation through our parents.