As sons of God, we are constantly growing and maturing. Our maturing is contributed to in so many ways. I would go on to say that God (I believe) will often use what/who is around you to provoke your personal change, growth, and evolution. I know that’s an obvious thing to say to those who live their lives sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. Hear me out on a more intricate level.

Suppose you have an issue with pride on some level. God will cause circumstances to come around to humble you. But, on a more intimate level, he will bring you in the company of a person or a group of people who are extremely prideful.

If you struggle with releasing an offense, God will bring you in company of someone who is always offended and assuming the offense of other people.

If you have passive tendencies, God will bring you around someone who barely has a pulse because of their passiveness

You catch the illustration here, right?

God does this to highlight  characteristics and cause us to hate them with a righteous indignation .

We would have difficulty seeing it in ourselves without the exaggerated reflection. That reflection causes us to be repulsed by that attribute altogether. The goal is for us to inspect every place around/within us to ensure that we never allow that trait to show up again.

So, pay attention to the characteristics of people that vex you the most. The majority of the time it will reflect something in you that needs to be adjusted on some level. Allow yourself to be matured through circumstances and people in your environment.