Fearless Sons | Overcoming Insecurity

As we grow in maturity as sons, we have to wrestle our old slave nature to live in fear and insecurity. Sons have to be fearless. We have to be aware that we are fiercely love by our father.

It is dangerous to live in fear. Fear produces insecurity.  Insecurity has destructive power and leaves our lives derailed from destiny. Let us look at it’s dangers in a thorough way.

What is Insecurity?

Insecurity:  feelings of being  uncertain, unsure and unsafe beset by fear and anxiety.

As I said, Insecurity on a basic level is a fear issue.

2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given us the Spirit of the Fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind.

So when a person is given fully over to insecurity:

  • 1. Their ability to handle power becomes impaired.
  • 2. Their ability to give love and receive love becomes impure.
  • 3. Their reasoning and logic become irrational.

Insecurity at its core is the antithesis of the Fruit of the Spirit.

  1. Love provides us with feelings of safeness and connectivity.
  2. Joy gives us a continual mind state of gladness without regard to circumstances.
  3. Peace stabilizes us in the context of knowing God can and Will provide and protect.
  4. Patience enables us to wait and not become anxious in spite of what is happening around us or to us.
  5. Gentleness empowers us to stay soft-hearted toward the people around us.
  6. Goodness spurns our hearts to take care of the world around us.
  7. Faith is the core of our ability to believe and not waiver because of what things look like.
  8. Humility is what keeps our view of ourselves in context to who God is and who we are in the grand scheme of God’s plan.
  9. Self-Control enables us to not give full vent to any emotion or craving that is caused by our circumstances.


Its breaks into the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Fully Assaults the Soul.

Insecurity is natural to the human experience. However, when it is not addressed in a person on a basic level. It becomes a destructive force that can cause sons to forfeit our destiny in God.

Let us look at a biblical the profile of Saul (a fearful son).

There are a few absolutes that are confirmed about Saul

  • He was tall, dark, and handsome. 
  • He was changed by God.
  • He was anointed by God. 
  • He was appointed by God.
  • He was empowered by God.

However Insecurity wrecked his Destiny Story!

•  1 Sam 9 Our first encounter with Saul was him in a place where His uncertain, uncertain,and felt unsafe because his fathers donkeys were lost and He was now put in charge of finding them.  (Donkeys were said to be a sign of industry,peace, and wealth.)

Insecurity causes Panic for His family.

•  1 Sam 10:22 After Saul anoints him to be king and comes to the Nation of Israel to appoint him King, the bible shows that He hides in the baggage where Samuel cannot find him and The Lord has to reveal where He is.

Insecurity causes him to fear His calling.

•  1 Samuel 15  Saul was given specific instructions by God and completely dishonored them to obtain stuff and be liked by the people. He loses the Kingdom and it was given to David.

Insecurity causes him to disobey God.

•  1 Samuel 17 Saul tries to impose his fear onto David but David slew Goliath

Insecurity causes him to impose fear on others.

•  1 Sam 18:7 After David was anointed  and appointed to His army, he grew jealous of David’s success as a warrior

Insecurity causes him to be jealous.

•  1 Sam 19 -27 Saul tries to kill David

Insecurity causes him to become murderous.

•  1 Sam 28  Saul conjures up Samuel from the dead by the witch of Indor

Insecurity sends him into idolatry.

•  1 Sam 31 Saul and his Legacy dies

Insecurity causes him to forfeit His destiny.

15  Destructive Residual Effects of Insecurity

  1. Your identity will always be wrap up in what you have instead of who you are.
  2. Your security will always be a challenge for you.
  3. No matter how much reassurance God’s gives you, you will never feel confident about what the Lord has called you to.
  4. You will never fully settle in your assigned place.
  5. You will never take God at His word.
  6. You will always struggle with trusting people.
  7. You will be easily provoked to jealousy.
  8. You are easily offended.
  9. You will be self-centered.
  10. You will always be concerned with people liking you.
  11. You will forfeit your call/assigned place.
  12. You will project your fears and insecurities onto other people and try to talk them out of their assigned place.
  13. You will become murderous in your thought life.
  14. You become a burden to those who come to support you.
  15. You will lose your legacy.

Let us be free from the power and weight of insecurity.  Submit fully to the security  and liberty that comes with the love from our heavenly Father. Let us become fearless sons.