One day I came home from work with a lot on my mind. I started thinking about how hard life can be in the process of maturing as “a son” of God. I literally said to Him “God, sometimes I feel alone and like I never have enough?” It’s intense to feel this way but still feel the burden to encourage and build other people.

As I was going about this inner dialogue, I was making a small Caesar salad. I had what appeared to be like 3 drops of dressing. I went back to the fridge to see if I could find some more. To my dismay, there were several other kinds but not the one I needed. So I just said, “Forget it!” I walked back over to the bowl and began to toss the salad. At this point, I realized, had I added more, it really would have been too much. What I had was enough but I couldn’t see it at first glance.

It’s salad (Yeah I know!), but I could hear God saying, “You have exactly who and what you need for what you are doing right now. Work with what you have! Look at what you have again. When you start working with what you have your perspective will change. Trust me! It’s enough!”

When this happened, I was completely encouraged and my countenance was lifted.  I pray that it lifts you! Be encouraged fam!