When the body is ready for a baby to come out, the uterus shrinks or contracts to push the baby out through the birth canal.

At times we can literally feel like life is perfectly mirroring this. If you are exploring your place in this world as a son of God, you are sure to deal with this tension. You have to translate to a consciousness that you’ve never experienced.  The pressure created by this old space that is no longer fit for you is really intense—nonetheless necessary. Like a baby, there is an experience unknown on the other side but you have no choice but to press through to get there.

The other reality is, before the baby is completely birthed , they have to endure the even more intense pressure that is created within the birth canal. The baby’s whole body and head is pressed and subjected to the narrowing of the birth canal in order to fit through.

Having said that,  in order to come out on the other side in this new world, no matter how uncomfortable, will require you to endure a higher intensity of pressure. Being “squeezed” will be a part of the process. It is proof of readiness. Being adaptable and malleable is required to endure the transition.

To be continued…