How do WE serve the World?

Revealing Sons is an ecosystem with a heavy emphasis on identity formation and emotional wholeness through spiritual truths and supernatural insight.

How did WE come to This?

We believe that every problem on planet Earth without a solution is an issue of identity ignorance and brokenness. The better people understand who they are, the more they will understand what they are capable of doing.

Out of this, we know people need to:

  1. Be reconciled to Yahweh (The Most High God) as Father
  2. Explore their Identity as Sons.
  3. Grow toward wholeness.
  4. Embrace the sonship RESPONSIBILITY to the WORLD we have been CALLED to SERVE.

This is really how we have come to our need to exist. We wanted to partner with God to aid in revealing His sons. We understand that the sons of God are like hidden jewels concealed in all walks of life. They are all gifted and purposed differently. They all have different styles and personalities. They come from different cultures and backgrounds. God’s family is a very eclectic bunch. We want to help them tap into their identity while keeping their uniqueness intact so that the glory of God can exponentially spread.

What is OUR End Goal?

Connect. Heal. Develop. Reveal.

Our greatest hope is to build an ecosystem that fosters community and provide safe environments for healing, elevating, learning, and prospering those who want to fully embrace their identity. (HELP) Finally, we understand that we must propel these “sons” into their respective places to have a great impact and be solutions in the world. We truly desire to engage people from all walks of life and point them to and mature them in their identity as “sons” of God. We aim to resource them for consistent aspiration, growth, and edification as “sons” of God with our entrusted message. (AGE). The cycles of our ecosystem are: connect, heal, develop, and reveal in order to build a better world. Some of this will be managed through the media part of this ecosystem but we also endeavor to add more components to it to help facilitate the actualization of the whole vision as we grow.

What is OUR objective?

As stated and known, the world has problems and God has placed the solution in people. When they are awakened to who they are called to be, the problem they were made for will be solved. Our objective (or mission) can be summarized as “Identifying Solutions by Revealing God’s Sons.”

Revealing Sons includes breaking through culture, ideologies, mindsets, lies, deception, oppression and any such thing that keeps people from being able to see who they are in God. We do this through engagement, environments, and enterprise.