About My Father’s Business

While reading through the gospels, there are a whole lot of narratives concerning Jesus. There are a lot of things spoken about Jesus before he was conceived, when he was conceived, and all of the events surrounding his birth. It was not until Jesus was twelve years old that we get to hear a first-hand account from him.  I think that it is important to note that this was the first thing that the Bible records Jesus speaking. From the onset, Jesus made it clear that his responsibility as the Son of God was the top priority of his life. 

In the second chapter of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus’ earthly family was taking their regular journey to Jerusalem for Passover. They stayed throughout all of the festivities and ceremonies and then began to head home. They traveled in massive bans of people and so it took about a whole day of traveling before Mary and Joseph realized that Jesus had not come with them. They returned to look for him and eventually found him.  As all parents would, they let him have it.  His reply was seemingly off-putting for a child, but it gives very quick introspection into Jesus’ priorities. Jesus said to them  “Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” Other translations say, “ be about my Father’s business”.  Nonetheless, Jesus strongly conveyed that his highest commitment would always be to the things that mattered to his Heavenly Father.

         As sons and daughters of God, we have to have that same resolve. For each of us that will look different as it manifests in our lives. Surely we all carry the burden of destroying the works of the devil, but our gifts will cause that to be done differently. Whatever your thing–its a priority to Him and, thusly, should be a priority to you. Nothing or no one should come before our commitment to the things that are priorities to Him. We must have the same level of focus that Jesus had.  Here he was at twelve years of age sitting among the teachers in the temple trying to learn everything he could concerning His Father’s business.  Are you that consumed?  Are you that hungry for the things that matter to God? Or do other things captivate your attention more? This level of commitment is only the beginning of walking in sonship.

An excerpt from Chapter 2 of  “Revealing the Glory Quotient”